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We offer a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach to serving youth with ADD/ADHD, anxiety, autism, developmental delays, down syndrome, feeding challenges, mood disorders and other learning disabilities.

A Visionary Model to Help Youth Thrive


Aspiring to make anything possible


For your child’s specific needs and wants


Evidence-based care

Our Services

LifeLab Kids has a unique service offering, where programs can collaboratively work together or act independently to address each child’s individual needs.

Art Therapy

Applied Behavioral Analysis

Psychotherapy & Counseling

Recreational Therapy

Feeding Therapy

Social Connection Groups

Life Skills

Music Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Speech Therapy


Collaboration to the Next Level

This is what makes us different. We brought together the best minds under one roof; combining the behavioral science and medical models for a truly integrated way of working together. Programs can be modified on the spot as therapists are right there, working side-by-side, meeting weekly as a group to discuss all children and their development plans. Parents and caregivers work in unity to determine the best plan for their child; helping them reach their fullest potential.