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Our Approach

Children at LifeLab Kids can receive anywhere from one to ten services in one location. We take great pride in helping parents schedule their children’s therapies in a way that helps parents minimize separate trips but also maximize the amount of collaborative time between staff, parents, and community partners. We believe this collaborative time is critical to create consistency and unity between caregivers and providers to advance the goals of each child.


LifeLab Kids helps children of all abilities to discover and explore their unique, true potential through a blend of evidence based-interventions, therapeutic activities, and innovative technologies.


LifeLab Kids strives to support children of all abilities to live unlimited lives.

  • We respect people

  • We embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • We operate with empathy and kindness

  • We win when we work together

  • We do what is right

  • We support curiosity and innovation

  • We strive to improve continuously