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“Disability is not a brave struggle or courage in the face of adversity. Disability is an art. It is an ingenious way to live.” – Neil Marcus, actor and playwright

LifeLab Kids strives to create a community of belonging where children with disabilities can flourish physically, mentally, and socially. We look to find the spark of passion inside each child and see how we can best support their ingenious way of living.

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Success Beyond the Numbers

The children at LifeLab Kids all have a unique journey toward living a full, happy life. Their story isn’t always one that can be easily told through milestones and statistics. Instead, the quiet, immeasurable moments are often the biggest successes for our children and their families. It’s a friendship made, a passion found, and a situation made less overwhelming. Our success is told best by the experts of LifeLab Kids children, their parents.

When children start at LifeLab Kids, their parents notice positive changes for both the child and their family.

  • 100% of parents believe their child has been more confident practicing life skills
  • 100% of parents believe their child has more skills to become independent
  • 86% of parents believe their child has acquired skills to make friends
  • 94% of parents believe their child has learned independent skills that cross over to school and home
  • 94% of parents believe their family is more supported and understood
  • 88% of parents believe their child has gained skills to manage their feelings during challenging times
  • 100% of parents whose children are enrolled in social connection affinity groups believe their child has a heightened sense of community

We are honored and proud to be a part of our families' stories of growth and hope

      • “My daughter has been in Speech Therapy for almost two years now. [Our therapist] has become like family to us, and due to how amazing of a therapist she is, my daughter ALWAYS wants to go to therapy. I have seen my daughter grow, develop, and critique herself not only in her speech but in other skills that were hindered due to her speech delay.”
      • “[Our son] has made progress in the clarity of his speech, the length of his sentences, and the use of a speech device to communicate when he has difficulty pronouncing a word. If he has trouble reading a word, he can now use his speech device to read the word to him. [Our son] had his IEP at school today, and his teacher stated she had seen significant progress in his communication skills in the last five months. Our goal for [our son] is that he learns all the skills necessary to live as independently as possible as an adult, and LifeLab is definitely paving the way for that. They take a different collaborative approach that works. He enjoys attending the therapies, which is a big plus!”
      • “Before LifeLab, our son struggled to communicate and was often very frustrated. He was timid and often uninterested in socializing. Since starting at LifeLab, he has become much more comfortable and even excited to communicate and socialize! This has made him feel much less frustrated and he shows his true happy, goofy personality. He continues to grow and learn so much at LifeLab and is preparing to start school! Something we once thought would be so difficult for him now just seems like an exciting next step. I’m not sure he would be ready for that step without having had the intervention of a truly amazing facility that feels so much like a loving community with such dedicated and supportive staff. Thank you LifeLab. We are forever grateful!”
      • “[Our daughter] has made such strides since starting at LifeLab. Her communication skills have improved greatly. She has so much to say and is just so excited about it. She loves singing songs since starting music therapy. We are thrilled for her and her growth.”
      • “Since starting at LifeLab Kids, my daughter has blossomed into this social butterfly. Her eye contact is amazing, she’s responding to her name, and her ability to communicate her needs has greatly improved. It’s only been seven months, and she’s grown so much. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.”
      • “My child has blossomed. His speech and confidence to try hard things have grown so much. He loves his therapists at LifeLab, and it’s been just the best experience for us as a family. Feeling understood and listened to. And loved.”
      • [My son] has been a different child since starting LifeLab. I now see and experience the best version of [him]. His autism diagnosis controlled our home for years. Since starting at LifeLab, his autism has been an asset to him and our home life, [it’s] no longer something that controls us and dictates our behaviors.”