Adolescent Counselor

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

  • Completes comprehensive assessments within program guidelines and formulates a diagnostic impression by conducting client and /family interviews and identifying strengths, weakness, concerns, and goals/objectives, for the development of a treatment plan.
  • Prepares individualized treatment plan, in accordance with established standards and deadlines, consistent with assessment and in conjunction with clients and supervisor, to include goals, intervention, necessary support or referral service. Evaluates client response to treatment and modifies treatment plan or recommends treatment extensions as circumstances require.
  • Conducts individual counseling sessions with clients in accordance with treatment plan, or as necessary for crises intervention; provides clients with feedback support or encouragement or to address behaviors and attitudes, or family, social or personal problems.
  • Documents treatment plans, narratives progress notes, intervention treatment evaluations, discharge summaries, treatment plan reviews, and so forth; and maintains clients records and charts in accordance with organizational regulatory accreditations and contractual standards.
  • Maintains regular communication verbally and in written form with client family members or guardian or other providers and so forth to relay reports and other information for the continuity of care as applicable.
  • Complete all necessary training and requirements to maintain licensure and supervisor qualifications by the State of Michigan.

Candidate Requirements:

  • Master’s Degree in Counseling
  • Fully Licensed in Clinical Social Work or Clinical Psychology. The candidate must be licensed by the State of Michigan (LPC, LMSW)
  • LP, TLLP, LLP are also acceptable titles
  • Must have a background in working with children with developmental disabilities
  • Play or Art background and be comfortable collaborating with a team and supporting families
  • Must be able to work flexible hours, evenings and weekends as required


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