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Our Story

LifeLab Kids was founded to be a one-stop-shop for children with developmental disabilities at a cost that is affordable. A father’s dream of a place built to meet the needs and challenges of his autistic son came to life when founder, Jai Reddy, purchased a former church building in Ferndale, MI. From there LifeLab Kids was born and the transformation began. The building was redesigned with accessibility and fun in mind. Infused with technology + fitness throughout, the focus at LifeLab Kids is both physical and mental well-being. Our multi-disciplinary team works together; uniting physical, mental, and behavioral therapies, for a holistic approach to helping all youth succeed.

About Us

LifeLab Kids is a therapeutic, recreation, and teaching center for youth of all abilities. A comprehensive campus designed to grow with students and families, to offer real-life skills and developmentally appropriate opportunities to help children grow past their limitations and lead full, balanced lives.

Our Mission

Discover Potential. To help youth uncover all that they are capable of.

Our Vision

Live an Unlimited Life. By helping students overcome obstacles and engage in their passions, anything is possible.

We serve all people of all abilities. We aim to not only be a support system, but a community that everyone can feel a part of and empowered by.

By developing a culture where anyone can bring their ideas, we can truly innovate. We are constantly thinking of new ways to engage and serve the children and their families.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. We know that working together, with our diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, is the way to deliver our commitment of helping all children live an unlimited life.

Our staff and volunteers share a boundless enthusiasm for their jobs and the mission here at LifeLab Kids. We pride ourselves on being critical thinkers with a shared commitment to excellence.

Our expectation for our staff, students, and families we serve is to leave them better off than before they came and to be a place that will challenge them to be better - drawing out their strengths and helping them discover their potential.

Best Autism Therapy services in Michigan

Supporting the Whole Child

A mind, body and spirit approach. We have created an environment where everyone can grow, and hand-picked our team to ensure that each child feels healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. Our approach is focused on long-term development and independence for all children; combining fitness, technology, and emotional supports to meet each child’s individual needs. Our innovative way of working with the whole child makes therapy highly effective, interactive, and most importantly, fun.

Take a Tour of LifeLab Kids

Take a Tour of LifeLab Kids